16 Cover Letter Writing Services
A qualitative cover letter can be the difference between landing a job application or missing such an opportunity. A cover letter expresses a genuine desire to fill the vacant position and contribute to the company.

A qualitative cover letter can be the difference between landing a job application or missing such an opportunity. A cover letter expresses a genuine desire to fill the vacant position and contribute to the company. Hiring managers look for initiative candidates who are passionate about their future duties. 

At the same time, a cover letter may botch the job search. Irrelevant information and poor choice of words can spoil interview applications for job seekers. Applying to a professional cover letter writing service is optimal in this case. We reviewed the best cover letter services available to a job seeker. 

How to Find the Best Writing Service? 

All of the cover letter writing services from the list have Certified Professional Writer credentials. It means that each service has certified professionals that can write high quality cover letters. 

When choosing the best cover letter writing service, pay attention to the following factors: 

  • Overall rating. Look at the service reviews and clients’ testimonials before buying their services. 
  • Price. Cover letter writing services can charge from $95 to $800. $450 is the average price. 
  • Turnaround. It may take one to ten days to craft a well-written cover letter. Learn how long it will take for the service to deliver you the cover letter you need. 

Is It Worth Paying for a Cover Letter Writing Service? 

A good cover letter may boost your job search significantly. A professional cover letter writer will properly present your skills and experience and optimize your cover letter for an automated applicant tracking system. It is not mandatory to request professional help for writing a cover letter. But with a professional document at your side, you have more chances to impress human resources managers than other job seekers. 

Top 16 Cover Letter Writing Services 

  1. Skillhub;
  2. Find My Profession; 
  3. Melodie Power; 
  4. Seasoned and Growing Resume Services;
  5. Heidi Howell Marketing;
  6. EBR Consulting;
  7. Thrive Consulting;
  8. The Muse; 
  9. Resume & Cover Letter Help; 
  10. LiveCareer; 
  11. Upwork; 
  12. Monster;
  13. Resume Go; 
  14. Resume Yard;
  15. Resume Writer Direct;
  16. Resume Spice. 


Skillhub is a service of highly-qualified professionals who have all the major certifications. Clients may order a complete package of services, including a cover letter, a professional resume, and a LinkedIn profile overhaul. The service takes the first line of the list due to its resume writers’ diligence, fair pricing, and quality guarantees. If you are looking for a decent resume writing service, Skillhub is your choice. 

Pros: The service is maximally transparent and provides all the necessary information about the writers’ performance. Besides, you may view writers’ resumes and work samples. Skillhub would guarantee a complete refund within 60 days if the results were unsatisfactory. 

Cons: The service’s workload may be too tight, and the turnaround time could be longer, as well as the customer support responses. 

2.Find My Profession 

Find My Profession is a versatile, global company that can write a resume for any specialty. For your money, you will receive a qualitative resume and cover letter with a 60-day interview guarantee. Find My Profession takes second place as an elite writing service that covers many specializations and industries. 

Pros: Personalized approach to each client and cover letters that stand out. 

Cons: There are no physical offices of the company, and the only way of communication is virtual, including all its limitations. 

3.Melodie Power 

Melodie Power is a one-person company that specializes in writing cover letters. Melodie has more than twenty years of writing experience and one of the highest ratings on the market. A personalized approach and fair pricing make Melodie Power the third-best cover letter writing service on the list. 

Pros: Professional cover letter writing services for a fair price. 

Cons: As a one-person company, Melody Power has a longer turnaround time than any other company, and it may take up to two weeks to get a cover letter. 

4.Seasoned and Growing Resume Services 

S&G is a modern cover letter writing service that understands the hiring process. It is a great place to order an entry-level resume and cover letter. 

Pros: Variety of writing services, including cover letter writing. Stellar reviews by numerous clients. 

Cons: Premium packages with multiple services may be too costly. 

5.Heidi Howell Marketing 

The Heidi Howell company unites excellent customer service with high-quality resume writing. There are many positive reviews about the service from loyal customers. 

Pros: Personalized approach to each client. High-quality service. 

Cons: A prior consultation is required 

6.EBR Consulting 

EBR Consulting is a platform that connects business owners and job seekers. Being on both sides of the job search, the company knows how to create impressive cover letters. 

Pros: The platform provides all sorts of resume writing services and even more. 

Cons: There is no option to order a cover letter directly. There are no available samples too. 

7.Thrive Consulting 

Thrive consulting is a complex platform that provides career help, including cover letter writing. Thrive Consulting is optimal if you want to make a significant step forward in your career. 

Pros: A wide variety of career help services. Compromise pricing. 

Cons: There is no established list of provided services. Everything should be negotiated with the company owner directly. 

8.The Muse 

The Muse is a versatile career coaching platform. The company does not hire resume writers directly but finds the best freelancers, and the Muse manages to unite high-quality services with reasonable pricing. 

Pros: A broad choice of professionals and clients may find the professional precisely for their needs. 

Cons: There is no communication with a writer before prior payment. Less quality control due to the freelance nature of the services. 

9.Resume & Cover Letter Help 

A passion project of resume-writing professionals. Resume & Cover Letter Help creates job-specific cover letters with excellent SEO optimization. 

Pros: Meticulous quality control. Free rounds of editing. 

Cons: Lack of the reviewing process; absence of cover letter samples. 

10.Live Career

Live Career is one of the long-livers of the market. The service provides qualitative cover letters and does it quickly. 

Pros: Affordable and approachable. Experienced specialists. 

Cons: Short consultation time. 


Upwork is one of the best freelance platforms on the market. Hundreds of professional writers will write a compelling cover letter for you.

Pros: A wide choice of professionals. 

Cons: Floating quality and price. 


Monster is a job board website that provides resume writing services as well. It has been on the market for over 20 years and always delivers qualitative products. 

Pros: Free rounds of editing. Certified specialists. 

Cons: Turnaround is longer than average on the market. 

13.Resume Go 

Resume Go consists of HR specialists and resume-writing experts from different industries. Clients do not spend too much time waiting for a cover letter - it is ready within three business days. 

Pros: Unlimited revisions. Excellent communication. 

Cons: No guarantees for the cover letter service. 

14.Resume Yard 

Resume Yard is a competent business that provides cover letters and resumes for all career fields. It has excellent communication time and fair pricing for the documents. 

Pros: Stellar customer service. Numerous revisions. 

Cons: Lack of information about turnaround time. 

15.Resume Writer Direct 

Resume Writer Direct is a highly-qualified resume writing service. In addition to the standard package of services, it provides competent assistance to job seekers in the federal, medical, military, and governmental job fields. 

Pros: Affordable pricing. Qualified customer support. 

Cons: Absence of video communication. 

16.Resume Spice 

Resume Spice is a high-cost, high-quality resume writing service. Its price is way above average, but the turnaround time and quality are impeccable. If you already have a decent resume, Resume Spice will craft a perfect cover letter. 

Pros: Expert writers. Professional customer support. 

Cons: Steep pricing. Services come in packages. 

Bottom Line 

The best cover letter writing service is the one that meets your requirements. There are cover letter writing services for different budgets, turnaround times, and career fields. Do research in the job market and make a plan for your ideal cover letter. Apply for the respective cover letter writing service and nail your next job application.