Find your perfect match in Houston resume writing services
Subheader: If you need a professionally written top-notch resume, finding an expert who can provide the needed help and not miss a perfect job opportunity is essential. For all job seekers, here are the best Houston resume writing services.

Subheader: If you need a professionally written top-notch resume, finding an expert who can provide the needed help and not miss a perfect job opportunity is essential. For all job seekers, here are the best Houston resume writing services in the industry. 

Besides being a marvelous and massive city, Houston has an ever-growing business potential. With many business opportunities, Houston is a great job market in which the competition is proportional to the demand. Naturally, it is crucial for people in their job search to impress hiring managers on the very first try, so a professional custom resume is a must for a successful application. 

Here you can find a selection of top-rated resume writers Houston has and the companies that represent them. Each service was examined in terms of our parameters and tested with a trial order for an average application. Based on the service’s convenience, user, customer experience, pricing, quality, and reviews, we compiled a list of the best in Houston, United States.    

Professional Resume Writing Services Score 

Customer experience can be subjective: one can get lucky with an average company, and others may get dissatisfied with work by a certified professional. Hence, here is comprehensive criteria we applied to the professional resume writer services out there. 


Will you be able to submit the product straight to the resume target? We checked the quality of the delivered resume regarding formatting and writing. 

Customer experience

Communication with clients is vital for custom services like that. We checked if the customer support of each resume writing service was helpful. 


We examined the deadlines that the services work with to ensure you can catch the hottest opportunity once you see a job opening. 

User Experience

A good service must be easy to use, so the flow of submitting an order matters a lot. We paid attention to the convenience of the website. 


To get an overall impression of the service, we examined what its previous customers had to say at the company site and through independent review resources. 


Regarding all the criteria we mentioned, we ensured the pricing was fair for the website's services. 

Top-10 Houston Resume Writing Companies 

Out of tens of services like that operating in Houston, here is a shortlist of the best three of them. Choose the one that appeals to you. 


The first on the list is a high-alert service that strikes all the chords. It is a US-wide service that works non-stop and can provide all career writing services, including resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile help. It is a massive resource for career development. You can find a lot of helpful information in the organization’s blog. 

The service lets you specify your order to the smallest detail, choose your top resume writer from their list, and revise the order if you need corrections. The user experience on the website is smooth and simple: everyone can easily find their way around the order form and its confirmation. So is the writing quality of the final product and the turnaround terms. 


  • Fast order delivery: you can submit an order with a 6-hour deadline at any time. 
  • ATS-optimization: all the delivered resumes are tailored to pass the applicant tracking systems and get your resume straight on the table of a hiring manager. 
  • Position ranking: you can specify the rank you aim at, from a junior to an executive resume, and it will be completed accordingly. 
  • Fair pricing: every aspect of your order impacts the final price of the delivered resume. 

2.Executive Drafts

The stated mission of this service is to make their clients look good on paper, and the company lives up to the promise. The site focuses on the services provided by human resources professionals, meaning your resume is written or reviewed by a hiring manager. 

The user flow on the website is simplistic and understandable. Its support staff is friendly and helpful: they guide you through every stage of your order completion and ensure you are satisfied with the result. The reviews about Executive Drafts are accurate and match the actual customer experience. 


  • Professional recruiters on the team: every resume is checked by a human resources expert
  • Variety of writers: you can pick a specific writer or tell the customer support what skills you expect from them.
  • ATS-optimizations: resumes here are tailed to beat ATS bots.


The third top service is native in Houston. This company originated in this city and was founded by people with years of experience in human resources. Hence, the professionals here are familiar with all the hiring process components and are native to the Houston employment market. 

Nonetheless, ResumeSpice works with other countries and states just as well, and the distance does not influence the quality of the deliverables. As a customer, you have many options for services you can get, the position you want, and additional services included in the package. 

The turnaround time is a bit longer than the other tops work with. Yet, the company highlights the expertise of the writers. 


  • Narrow-field professionals: the company states each resume is completed by a professional in the field you apply for. 
  • 60-day interview guarantee: you can revise your resume within 60 days after your resume is completed. 
  • Samples: you can find samples for any occasion on their site and customize one for your needs if you don’t want one written from scratch. 

4.Find My Profession 

Find My Profession is a global company that also operates in Huston. The service offers premium resume writing services, including resume and cover letter writing and the LinkedIn profile overhaul. 

The prices of the service are steep, though. The basic package costs $395, and you may pay up to $1000 for the best services available. Yet, if you are looking for a qualitative leap in your job search, Find My Profession is one of the best services available in Houston. 


  • Elite and certified resume writers;
  • Satisfaction guarantees;
  • Unlimited editing rounds. 


ResumeZest is a company that works for the biggest clients in the field, such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, and Adobe. The company is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), which gives its services robust credentials. 

Besides, ResumeZest offers competitive pricing and a fast turnaround time. If you are looking for a professional and affordable resume-writing service in Houston, ResumeZest is an excellent choice. 


  • 60-day interview guarantee;
  • ATS and keywords optimization;
  • A broad team of qualified professionals;
  • Quick turnaround time. 

6.Boardroom Resumes 

Boardroom Resumes is a Huouston-based resume writing service that places the quality of its work first. There are more than ten thousand positive reviews from satisfied customers. 

Boardroom resumes provide a balance between speed, quality, and pricing. Its team knows Huston's job market conditions and will create a professional resume for any position. 


  • Free consultation session before payment for the order;
  • A versatile team of experienced resume writers;
  • Transparent resume samples. 

7.Houston Outplacement 

Houston Outplacement is a one-man company led by Bridget Batson. Miss Batson has Certified Master Resume Writer and Certified Professional Resume Writer credentials. Besides, she has the Toast of the Resume Industry Award. 

When you apply to the Houston Outplacement, you may expect a personalized approach to your resume and work of the highest quality. Yet, due to the one-man nature of the company, the turnaround time can be longer than one of the competitors. 


  • The first draft of the resume is ready during a consultation; 
  • 20+ years of resume writing experience;
  • Cover letter and resume packages. 

8.USA Resume 

USA Resume is a Texas company with a main office in Houston. The company creates resumes for the USA and Canadian job markets and covers many industry specializations. The company has a resume-writing expert for each industry in the job market. 

Yet, the service provides no satisfaction guarantees and only two rounds of editing. You may choose it for resume editing or optimization services. 


  • Free resume reviews;
  • Industry-specific specialists;
  • Informative blog with career development advice. 

9.Resumes by Design 

Resumes by Design is another one-person company based in Houston. Cheryl Harland, the owner of the company and resume writer, has CPRW certification and a more than 98% success rate with her customer's resumes. 

A price tag may be higher than average on the market, but Resumes by Design compensate for it with excellent quality and fast turnaround time. 


  • Cheryl has an HR and executive recruiting background;
  • Recognized proficiency in resume writing services; 
  • Quick turnaround time. 

10.Houston Resume Writing 

Houston Resume Writing is an area-specific resume writing in the business for over fifteen years. Houston Resume Writing will provide in-person consultations and provide industry-specific resume writers. 

The company offers affordable pricing for services and an average turnaround time. If you are looking for a job in Houston, Houston Resume Writing is a perfect option to optimize your resume. 


  • Targeted and ATS-optimized resumes;
  • Affordable pricing;
  • Experienced specialists that know Houston's job market. 


No matter your priorities, you’ll find an exemplary resume editing service for you with some research. The most important thing is to decide what matters the most and choose the service accordingly.

For example, Executive Drafts is an excellent option if you want your resume checked by a professional recruiter. ResumeSplice, Find My Profession, ResumeZest, and Boardroom Resumes will never disappoint if you value quality and interview guarantee above everything.  

Houston Outplacement, USA Resume, and Resume by Design are great options if you value industry-specific writers and quick turnaround time. Houston Resume Writing has experienced specialists and affordable pricing. 

Finally, Skillhub has the best price and quality ratio and guarantees, which is why it deserves the title of the best overall service.