How to Get Your Dream Job Step By Step
Fulfillment. We all chase this feeling, but some of us never catch it. We spend one-third of our short human lives working. Yet, no wonder we want to maximize our happiness from work

Fulfillment. We all chase this feeling, but some of us never catch it. We spend one-third of our short human lives working. Yet, no wonder we want to maximize our happiness from work. If your corporate job no longer brings you happiness, it’s time to brainstorm some dream job ideas and move on. The article below will teach you how to find your true aspiration and boost your skills to be more competitive during the application process. 

Identifying Your Dream Job

If the question ‘what is my dream job’ has been giving you nightmares, check the tips on how to find your dream job below. But before that happens, let’s find what is a dream job. A dream job is a work that lets your professional and personal strengths shine. It is also a job that suits your personal interests and needs. 

  • Rummage through your memories. What were the things that gave you the best relaxation? What were the activities that made you forget about time? 
  • Think of childhood games. Our childhood is a rehearsal for adult life. Think of the activities that brought happiness when you were a child. Did you like to draw? Did you help your parents cook? 
  • Define your values. This approach means that you create a list of values and find a job that has them. For instance, did you dream of being a Wonderwoman and saving the world? Well, you can be a hero while working as a doctor or a police member. 

Take Actions

Once you brainstorm your dream work job, think of the actions to take in order to achieve it. Think of the education, time, and finances required for your dream project. 

  • Educate yourself. Sometimes, a dream job is a matter of a few courses online. Other times, becoming a professional means going to a college; 
  • Plan to get to the dream job ahead. If studying for your dream job requires too much time, how will you provide for yourself? 
  • Avoid financial traps. Taking another student loan will do you no good if you haven’t paid the previous one.

Level Up Your Network

Did you find your dream job but lack the network to take a further step? We advise you to find a mentor that will monitor your growth and answer your career-related questions. 

  • Check job-hunting communities like LinkedIn. There, you can contact a professional in the industry who is willing to help younger talents; 
  • Check the professional space. Let’s say you’re an entry-level graphic designer. Find places where graphic designers meet and join them. What about a local conference?
  • Be proactive. Easier said than done because one might lack the confidence to do so. However, there is a solution. You can always use a nickname when filling in the conference form or contacting a potential employer online.

Stay Ahead in the Races 

As we already said, staying proactive is a challenging task, especially if your dream job requires a meeting with potential employers. But now you know where to find them. Nonetheless, there is a high chance that you are not the only candidate who has decided to find dream job. So, how can you stay ahead in the game?

  • Reach out to the company of your dreams. Even if there is no open job position. You’ll showcase your willingness, and once a vacancy opens, an HR manager will contact you;
  • Freshen up your resume. Don’t forget to update your resume each time you close a project or learn new skills;
  • Keep building your portfolio. The more successful projects you have, the higher your chances are of attracting the recruiter’s attention;
  • Work on your hard skills. They are the core when it comes to entering an industry and getting the employer’s trust;
  • Never stop networking. Meeting new people at conferences and job fairs is a must while searching for mentors and employers;
  • Be authentic. Submitting to industry standards is how dream job can become burnout. Stay true to your values.

How to Be Your Best Self

‘Should I be the best version of myself for my dream job? Well, before this happens, you should mentally prepare for the fact that there is no perfect job. Even with dream job you can still feel unsatisfied. Why so?  

  • Lower your expectations. There will be professional ups and downs regardless of the industry you choose; 
  • There is always another industry. The nature of the job market is changing. This means you might fall in love with a different industry after you get your dream job;
  • Find value. The happiest employees are those who feel the value of their work. Think of how your work changes the lives around you. 

Things to Know About the Application Process

Such dream job examples like a fashion business owner or a freelance artist will rarely require job interviews. Nonetheless, most traditional jobs will include the following stages of the application process:

  • Sending your resume to an HR. Depending on your dream job definition, you might be asked to send your portfolio and cover letter. Writing a bot-beating resume and creating a portfolio that meets the company’s vision is a must during this stage; 
  • Screening call. During this stage, you might receive a call from the recruiter. They will ask you a few questions to learn more about your skills and motivation;
  • Online or in-person interview. Traditionally, you’ll schedule a meeting with HR. They will evaluate your competence and decide whether you’re a fit for the job;
  • Post-interview call. This is when HR will inform you about their final decision regarding the dream job you’ve applied for.

Key Takeaway 

No job is perfect, but a dream job (with a few flaws, of course) exists. Define your dream job, level up your skills, and stay proactive get your perfect resume with a help o best resume writing service. Don’t worry if it’s difficult to springboard your career in the beginning. Give yourself time, keep networking and improving your portfolio, and soon you’ll get a job offer. Meanwhile, don’t forget to plan ahead and live your life. 

We hope the guide on how to land your dream job was helpful to you. Good luck! 

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