Most Prominent Resume Writing Services in New York
New York City is one of the most economically active places in the world. The opportunities are very tempting, but the competition is equally fierce.

New York City is one of the most economically active places in the world. The opportunities are very tempting, but the competition is equally fierce.

You can expect hundreds of other candidates to compete for a position that also happens to be the job of your dream.

It might come as a surprise, but pure skill does not play a leading role in one’s future employment - a resume (or a CV accompanied by a cover letter) does.

As a natural consequence, New York City is home to many highly professional resume writing services. Here we help you pick among the most popular ones based on their online performance.

#1: Skillhub

Skillhub is one of such global career support and New York resume writing services on the web. Using it, one can significantly increase the success rate of their application with a winning resume and get more interviews. 

Skillhub professionals know everything about ATS systems and even have a blog where they share the secrets of effective resume and cover letter writing, along with some good career advice.

The services Skillhub suggests are diverse:

  • LinkedIn profile writing and editing;
  • Resume writing;
  • Resume editing (yes, if you’ve got an old resume, bring it to Skillhub professionals for a quick refurbishment!);
  • Cover letter writing and editing. 

Skillhub’s internal system of rating tracking allows customers to select the best writers according to public opinion. Other unique features are the company’s 60-day money-back and 4-month interview guarantees. 

Need a resume today? No problem! Skillhub pros will compose a bot-beating resume in 3 hours. 

#2: New York Resume Writing Services

New York Resume Writing belongs to a category of services in New York city but is available worldwide.

Their resume writers have experience in a wide range of professions, but their distinctive ability is writing C-level resumes. It goes without saying that a client may oversee the resume writing process and actively engage in it.

The New York Resume Writing team aids in creating LinkedIn profiles and cover letters. The company proudly boasts its status as a Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches member.

#3: Upwork

Upwork’s popularity is a solid argument for including it in the list of the best resume writing services in New York. A job seeker needs only to filter resume writers by their location.

Upwork is home to all kinds of professionals, so one can find many other services that simplify the job search, for instance, career counseling or getting tips on resume writing from a professional hiring manager.

#4: Resume Writing Services NYC

This website is different from other services on the list because it represents a personal brand of a New York professional resume writer with more than 20 years of experience. More than three thousand clients have tried out the service during that time, as the title page says.

Judging from the list of client companies and thankful testimonials, the writer has succeeded in their career.

#5: Myer Resume

Myer Resume is headquartered in New York City, and the company even takes appointments in its physical office.

Most of the customers access the service remotely. Their hybrid team of Myer Resume consists of hiring managers, recruiters, and, of course, writers who are perfectly capable of working with an application tracking system and delivering results to clients “across diverse industries at a variety of levels.”

#6 Rising Star Resumes

Rising Star Resume service helps clients improve their resume writing skills in multiple areas, such as data analytics, information tech, project management, and digital marketing. They provide resume writing services, LinkedIn profile creation, and business writing.

A writer’s fee for a new LinkedIn profile and resume starts at $500. For complicated projects, it's $650 to $1,000. Resumes for mid-career professionals typically cost between $650 and $1,000. After a professional resume writer learns about your career and goals, he can quote you a fee appropriate for your field and experience.

What makes their work unique? They can tell the difference between irrelevant information and the details that will help you stand out.

#7 CareerClout

This service is all-inclusive and designed to ease the anxiety of trying hard for your next job. CareerClout's resume writing service will help you define and communicate your value to potential hiring managers. They will help your brand and position and package you for success in your job search. Then, the professional resume writer will provide ongoing support until you get the job.

They offer different services, including resume writing, cover letters, and interview practice, and they guide you to your job offer. They know how important it is to understand your uniqueness. The process of your wanted service begins with a free consultation, which builds a relationship between a professional resume writer and you. 

#8  Five Star Resume LLC

Five Star Resume's mission is to help clients find the right job that best represents them and their beliefs. Doing something you love can positively impact every area of your life. This resume writing service wants you to find a better career that will allow you to be a better person.

They provide career coaching, resume writing, interview coaching, and LinkedIn profile services. This service offers four types of packages, including different services, and the price range for those packages goes from $425 to $725. 

#9 Resume Writer New York

Since 2009, Resume Writer has been providing services to their clients. They have created some impressive resumes for over 10,000 (and growing). This resume writing service has helped many professionals in New York succeed in their careers, and you can also be one of them.

They offer services such as LinkedIn Profile creation, Cover Letter design, CV writing, and polishing an existing resume.

They aim to provide the best possible experience, skills, and knowledge to help candidates land their dream jobs. They want to make it easier and more affordable for everyone. Finally, they want to lift the morale and confidence of candidates so that they can win every interview with the help of their winning resume.

#10 Career Thinker Inc.

Career resume writing service has experts in Human Resources, staffing and operations, P&L, safety, customer service, inventory management, and hiring management positions that will help you land a job. Their certified professional resume writers are focused on you. They use a specific method and your skills to build and showcase your professional brand.

As a service, they are most proud to be involved in the career services industry. They are members of the NRWA (National Resume Writers Association), PARW/CC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaching), CTL (Career Thought Leaders), and TCE (The Career Experts).


To wrap it up, Skillhub is known for affordable prices and professional certified resume writers who produce winning resumes. New York Resume Writing Services, Resume Writing Services NYC, and Upwork can help you simplify the job search and create high-quality resumes.

Myer resume, Career Clout, and Five Star Resume LLC provide different services, including LinkedIn profile designing. In the end, Rising Star Resumes, Resume Writer New York, and Career Thinker’s professional writers focus on you and want to showcase you in the best light possible. 

Your requirements will determine the best resume writing service for you. You can find various services that suit your needs, budget, turnaround time, and career field. Research the job market to create a plan for your perfect resume or LinkedIn profile.