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JobHero is an innovative dashboard for job search optimization. Users can get the entire process organized and build a better search strategy with this resource. Draw up a JobHero resume using in-built templates, download and tag documents, and create reminders to keep up with the schedules. To find out more about this service, read this rigorous JobHero review.

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Service Overview


This service gets many positive reviews, and study resources recommend it for the graduates as the perfect site to make their first profiles. Such increased interest towards JobHero resume examples in writings and tutorials prompted this review. Here are the main characteristics we took into consideration.

  1. Cost per day/week/month
  2. Availability and relevance of JobHero resume samples
  3. Ease of use
  4. Customer support quality and work hours
  5. Whether JobHero offers cover letters along with resume and CV samples
  6. Whether it supports multiple languages
  7. Whether the design of the resume and cover letter templates are relevant and synchronized
  8. Does it take long to create a decent resume?

Jobhero Pros and Cons

The resume builder is a bit intricate and takes some getting used to.
The resource allows you to upload an existing work history

(if you have one) and get it adjusted to fit the chosen template by the algorithm. So, there’s no extra manual work. 

The homepage of the website is easy to navigate intuitively.
It provides many CV templates different in design and content

All templates are adaptable and compatible with Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Their rating is 4.5 / 5, which is high enough.

There are mainly positive reviews about this site

All of them come from real people and describe both pros and cons, so they are not a part of advertising.

It has an SSL certificate. This means the following.
  • Confidentiality. It uses encryption to make access to information safe from cyberattacks.
  • The integrity of information. It is secured from unauthorized changes or getting lost in the transfer from the server to the browser.

This resource gets a lot of traffic (according to web analysis). This means that people know and use it.
It has been around for several years already.
The site owner has been claiming the domain name for a long time (since the company’s establishment in 2019).
The JobHero review proved that the website freezes 1 out of 10 times

which is medium-level throughput capability. Yet, it may as well be trouble with the Internet providers, so it hardly counts as a drawback.

The site owner hides personal data using a paid service.

This fact is a bit unnerving. Yet, it is hardly a serious issue since the resource itself works smoothly.

All services offered by JobHero are provided on a paid basis

It is not a point against the service but a thing to know before you start using it. 

Jobhero Reviews

This resource helped me incorporate all my work

This resource helped me incorporate all my work experience into a single page of text. I needed my CV to beat resume-scanning software recruiters may use to filter me out. Designers did not bother to create a lot of JobHero resume samples. Yet, I got what I needed with the available ones, so it wasn’t a big disappointment.

Jake Davidson (Accountant)
This resource helped me incorporate all my work

This resource helped me incorporate all my work experience into a single page of text. I needed my CV to beat resume-scanning software recruiters may use to filter me out. Designers did not bother to create a lot of JobHero resume samples. Yet, I got what I needed with the available ones, so it wasn’t a big disappointment.

Jake Davidson (Accountant)
I was a bit disappointed with the design options...

I was a bit disappointed with the design options, but I adjusted the final version myself. JobHero job description suggestions were great and I spent just 30 minutes drawing my resume up. So, the slip with the design is not much of a problem.

Julia Sandmo (Interior Designer)
I didn’t like that at first. It seemed like ...

I didn’t like that at first. It seemed like a free resource and only when I finished perfecting my CV. I needed it badly and didn’t want to search for other sites and re-do everything once more and 2+ bucks seemed quite a low price. Still, I wish I read a JobHero review beforehand.

Mikael Soul (Java Developer)

Our Jobhero Writing Service Reviewis Based on the Following Aspects:


Job Search Made Accessible


A huge point pro using this service is its quality-price rating. A two-week subscription costs USD 2.95, and monthly access will require USD 5.95. Anyway, it is a very reasonable price for full access to a resume builder, cover letter templates, and a dashboard. 

Sometimes, job seekers find themselves in a rough patch moneywise. So, this service is a perfect combination for such cases.

The resume samples and templates are provided for free to any user with an account at JobHero. The same concerns the resume and cover letter builder. So, one can create as many of them as they want just to train the skill for free.

The billing stage comes after you have done everything you wanted at the downloading stage. According to feedback from users, it would have been better to know that the service isn’t free beforehand. Yet, the fee asked by JobHero is not that high to quarrel over it or delete an account. Nobody warned that the users have to pay; yet, nobody said it is free either.


JobHero Resume Examples: Are They Enough to Describe Your Experience?


Users can look through about 1500+ resume examples different in design and content. They look like real ones, not the auto-filled sheets with fake data. This section will be of great use to those who make their first steps up the career ladder. 

 The section with examples is divided into subsections based on the occupation type.

  • Media Communication
  • Law
  • Graphic Web Design
  • Social Services
  • Medical
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Hardware
  • Entertainment
  • Copywriting
  • Architecture
  • Retail

There are many other options for selection. Users can either choose them as templates to base their resumes on or read the samples for inspiration. It is nice that we did not have to scroll through tons of resumes to find ones to our interest. We just needed to define the main area and look for the relevant subsection.


JobHero Job Description: Relevant Information With Samples


The job description section is the logical starting point of resume building, especially when it comes to college graduates who know little about the actual requirements on the market.

To enter this section, click on the Jobs Overview button at the top of the home page, then find the right section in the drop-down menu. The page resembles the one with resume examples – divided into subsections according to different areas – and offers descriptions of different professions within one subsection.

All information given there will come in handy for the young specialists and people switching careers. It allows doing quick job market research and building both their strategies and resumes. The article with job descriptions comprises all necessary information and gives readers some tips and extra links with helpful lessons.


Customer Service and Support


It is available seven days a week. The resource does not provide around-the-clock support. This fact may be a bit uncomfortable for people from other countries in different time zones. Still, there are several ways to reach them by phone, email, or an online form. 

The response comes in several hours or on the next day, depending on the time of the request. We asked whether the algorithm could process several resumes at a time. The manager who answered the request was polite and gave a detailed explanation regarding our issue.


JobHero Cover Letter Builder: Get a Full Set for Job Search


We tried creating different resumes and cover letters using JobHero to test all the sides of it. It is nice that there is an option to pick related resumes and cover letter templates. We rarely send the actual letter anymore. Still, when attached as a file to an email, it would look better on the job seeker’s record.

A cover letter constructor allows uploading a resume from the user’s profile. The algorithm makes it the basis for the other document users may draw up using this service. It also offers an option to upload an existing resume and forge a cover letter using its contents. 

The algorithm may ask several questions to clarify some points. For example, it may ask whether the user had a gap in career life that deserves an explanation. Or it may want to know how many years of actual work experience the user has. The general tone of all letters is calm and polite, regardless of the information entered by the user.

Does Jobhero Work?

In this review, we wanted to answer the question “Does JobHero work?”

The one-word answer is YES. It is a perfectly balanced career resource where one can find information about jobs, create all valuable documentation, and see actual examples of professional resumes to use as career hallmarks or inspiration.

As compared to self-made MS Word-based sheets, a JobHero resume has a better chance to get noticed. The resumes made with the help of this resource worked for the people who took part in our survey. Many of the users we asked did land an interview in their dream companies.

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