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SkillHub is one of the top resume writing services job seekers use to increase their chances of landing an interview. This SkillHub review is meant to find out if the platform is that good.

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We’ve decided to give SkillHub a try after reading a number of reviews around the web. Many of them describe the resume writing service as a great way to invest in your career and find work. We decided to put its promises to the test.

An applicant with a great resume has higher chances of getting more interviews and furthering their career. Not to mention that employers and recruiters will have an easier job of selecting the best applicants through the ATS system.

To truly shine among others, a resume should be straight to the point, provide all necessary information, and catch the attention of resume-scanning software and employers. We also believe that people should have the final say in how their resume will look and get a refund if they aren’t satisfied.

SkillHub resume service promises to address all these issues, so we gave them a go. Here is what we’ve found out after spending time with SkillHub.

Skillhub Pros and Cons

A great understanding of the hiring process

People we have been talking to knew about the current industry standards. They suggested the type of formatting, typeface, and keywords to make the resume stand out.

An excellent support team

All issues we’ve had were addressed in a professional and timely fashion. The team made helpful suggestions and was available all day long

Writers pay attention to details

The resume was polished to perfection, and the writers made sure that it was ATS optimized. There is no doubt that they have great experience in resume writing.

A flexible refund policy

Unlike others, SkillHub resume writing service doesn’t require paying for resumes in advance. Applicants have up to 4 weeks for resume review to decide if they are satisfied with the results. They get money back if resumes don’t meet their expectations.

The price tag

The main downside of SkillHub is its high prices. Ordering a basic resume will cost a whopping 89$. Throw in a cover letter and a LinkedIn profile, and the price jumps to $179. This is hardly a good option for an entry-level applicant. But if you are a seasoned professional, the service is an ideal choice to get more interviews. 

The resume was too perfect

Of course, it’s nice to have a resume of your dreams. But it can do more harm than good in the long run. Embellish your accomplishments hard enough, and it will backfire on your next interview. Our advice is to keep it simple and not over-flatter yourself. Future employers will thank you.

It can take a long time

SkillHub is used by thousands of job seekers. That means that writers often take on several resumes at a time. To make the document unique, you may have to spend considerable time going over the contents and discussing areas that need improvement.

Skillhub Reviews

Here is what people say about SkillHub service.

Great job

Thank Tim from support for staying up so late and helping me pick the right font. You guys don’t get enough credit! The level of resume writing on SkillHub is one of the best out there. 10/10. Keep up the good work!

Mark C
Great job

Thank Tim from support for staying up so late and helping me pick the right font. You guys don’t get enough credit! The level of resume writing on SkillHub is one of the best out there. 10/10. Keep up the good work!

Mark C
Thank you!!!!!

The way to go for your career to launch. Fast, reliable, professional, and efficient. SkillHub is truly a game-changer. Can’t recommend you guys enough!

Steve J

Our Skillhub Writing Service Reviewis Based on the Following Aspects:




SkillHub has a very simple registration that can be completed in under a minute. All you need is an email and password to create an account. You can activate two-factor authentication to bolster your account security. The sign-in process is just as simple. You can make the browser remember your credentials the next time you log in.

We’ve found SkillHub to be extremely user-friendly. The dashboard is simple and provides access to all platform features. Here, users can place orders, look for available writers, add payment information, and get access to the help center. We were able to find the right person for the job in a matter of minutes.


Writer Expertise


The SkillHub team knows what it’s doing. The writer we worked with was professional, polite, and responsive to our remarks and demands. He did tremendous work choosing the color, frame, and text font to make the resume stand from hundreds of others. Of course, the resume was squeaky clean in terms of grammar and punctuation.

Aside from being gorgeous to look at, our resume had another thing that would get the attention of recruiters. Our writer did a great job at making it compatible with the current applicant tracking process trends. The use of formatting, clever sprinkling of keywords, and other optimization techniques made the resume look organic and written by a real person.

It’s clear that SkillHub experts are what makes it the best resume writing service. They are not random people hired on LinkedIn. Each has vast experience in the recruiting industry and knows what works and what doesn’t in job hunting. It’s their professional point of view that makes every document near-flawless.

But even the best writer has their limits. No one can be good at everything. When it comes to placing an order, you should pay attention to writers’ skill sets. Unless you have worked with some of the writers before, their listed specialization will be the only thing you can go off of.

It is generally not a good idea to ask an individual with expertise in art to craft a resume intended for the computer engineering field, and vice versa. And while most will outright refuse to take an order in an industry they aren’t familiar with, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Plagiarism Level


One of the things we were looking for along with ATS compatibility was resume originality. We asked for a plagiarism report that found the document to be 100% original. The resume was handcrafted from scratch and meticulously tailored to our needs. 

The QA team went through it until the thing shined like a diamond. Of course, it took time, but the results spoke for themselves. Anybody can land an interview with a resume from a top resume writing service like this one.


Customer Support Service


We wished to check how well the customer support team worked in extreme situations. As such, they were contacted at 1 a.m. (writer’s local time). To our surprise, the support experts responded within minutes after starting a chat. All the issues we’ve had were resolved in a blink of an eye, and the team members were very polite and professional. They even advised on improving the resume.

Even when working with the most reliable services, it’s always good to know that there is a backbone of a competent support team available 24/7. They provide a failsafe for virtually any issue, be it website malfunction, miscommunication with a writer, or payment processing issues. And Skillhub’s support is very organized and helpful.




Unlike alternative platforms for resume writing, SkillHub has quite high prices. A standard resume will cost you $89, but here is the good part. Job seekers don’t have to pay for resumes unless they are satisfied with the results. The price of investing in your career can be cut down a little if you happen to have a discount promo code.

Of course, these are not the lowest prices on the market. But you will never get this level of competence if you look for cheaper options. If prices are too low, the quality tends to be low as well. Getting the right resume takes time, effort, expertise, and experience. Remember, it’s not a high-school project; it’s your livelihood and career at stake.

Does Skillhub Work?

Now, it’s time to make the conclusion and answer the main question, “Does SkillHub work?” In this regard, we are sure that the service is worth spending your time and money on it. Of course, you can always write a resume yourself, but there is a slim chance it will get any attention from recruiter firms. Not to mention that the applicant tracking system won’t spend one second looking at it.

If you are looking for a resume that will stand out, get past the ATS bots, and catch the eye of potential employers, look no further than SkillHub. Whether you are a seasoned job seeker or have only started building a career, having a professionally tailored resume will give you an extra edge in work competition.

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