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If you are looking for a resume maker that can simplify your resume writing process, Zety resume builder is what you need. No other platform is more user-friendly than this one.

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The popularity of resume builders is growing enormously. ATS and other technology force job seekers to look for help because their resumes no longer qualify. Some people do not even know that resume writing standards have changed so dramatically over the years.

We decided to write a review on Zety resume builder because it ranks high on Trustpilot and other similar platforms. We wanted to make sure that this software was as good as it claimed to be. The best way to check it is to use its services and review each step of the way.

We analyzed Zety resume maker against the following criteria:

  • ease of use;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • cover letter builder availability;
  • price;
  • expert tips;
  • resume templates;
  • time efficiency.

You’ll read about our findings later in the review, but one thing is for sure: Zety offers a brand-new level of convenience when it comes to resume crafting.

Zety Pros and Cons

To make sure this Zety online resume builder review reads objective, we decided to analyze its pros and cons. Like any other service, it has both. Yet, what some people believe to be a flaw, others consider a plus.

So, here is what we took advantage of when we used Zety’s services.
  1. High-quality advice from professionals
  2. Plagiarism check
  3. Ease of use
  4. Quick signing up
  5. Discounts (yes, we happened to buy services at a discount)
  6. Customer support
  7. Variety of Zety resume templates
  8. Full legitimacy
  9. Affordable price
  10. Quick completion and easy delivery

All these pros guarantee that you’ll be getting high-quality service for the money you paid for it. For sure, Zety saves you lots of time that you’d have to spend on education about resume writing. Instead, you get a template to fill out and expert support throughout the process.

Moreover, the whole process is made easy for you. As soon as you log in, you enter Zety’s environment, where everything is convenient. You simply edit your older resume version or create a brand-new one by following the suggestions.

As soon as you are done, you can download your file. It also stays in the system if you decide to go back and edit one more time. It’s a great fit for the majority of people who want to work on their resumes by themselves but don’t know where to start.

We can, however, find some drawbacks as well
  1. The whole process is long because no one pushes you. For people who lack time management, this is a disaster.
  2. Poor non-ATS-friendly resume template Zety. For foreigners with no ATS requirements, the selection of templates is not that impressive.
  3. You have to write by yourself. Some people prefer to delegate the whole job. In this case, Zety resume builder might not be a good choice for you.

Zety Reviews

To be even more objective about Zety resume reviews left online by its clients, we offer the following complimentary words to your attention. There are Zety resume builder reviews you can easily locate online

I found Zety during the worst period of my life

I was laid off in the middle of the Covid crisis, and my older resume was not getting any feedback. Zety helped me reword and refresh it so well that I landed my new job after a week since I used the service.

I found Zety during the worst period of my life

I was laid off in the middle of the Covid crisis, and my older resume was not getting any feedback. Zety helped me reword and refresh it so well that I landed my new job after a week since I used the service.

I was transitioning out of the military....

I was transitioning out of the military and had no idea how civil resumes should look like. Also, having a very specific job experience, no recruiter wanted to get into the matter of my real accomplishments. Advice by Zety helped me revamp my resume and get feedback from hiring managers.


Our Zety Writing Service Reviewis Based on the Following Aspects:

We used Zety to check if it’s as good as it promises. We were surprised by the outcome.

So, we analyzed the following aspects.

  1. Goals Zety pursues
  2. Resume completion process
  3. Resume checks by Zety
  4. Templates offered by Zety
  5. Customer support
  6. Plagiarism
  7. Zety resume cost




The goal of our Zety resume builder reviews is to offer you an opportunity to craft a perfect, bot-beating resume for a low price while hitting all ATS points. Here is what we’ve come up with when we used Zety.

We turned to Zety’s services in 2021 when the labor market was gradually reviving. We didn’t have high expectations; yet, we wanted to make sure that this newly created resume went through the scanning process.

The service we received was more than we could expect. Zety makes you work on your resume every step of the way. At the same time, you never feel alone. There are virtual experts always ready to help with certain details.


Zety Process


Zety offers easy registration and log-in process. It doesn’t take much time, especially if you choose to sign up with Facebook or your Gmail account. As soon as you are done, you can either proceed with the demo or pay for the services and get full access to all features.

There was no rush. Zety does not push you to create a resume over one night. The only thing you need to do is to follow the advice at your own pace. For example, you can order the service but start working on it a week or a month later.

Moreover, Zety allows autosaving. So, if you forget to save the document you were working on, no need to worry. The system will save it for you. And even if you are back with edits one month later, you can still find your document waiting for you there.

Once the file is completed, you can download it to your computer as a Word or PDF document.


In-Built Checks


The in-built grammar, punctuation, and spelling checkers leave no chance of a mistake. It’s vital for a resume. Since the document is so condensed, every typo and mistake is very much visible. Also, Zety highlights redundancies, repetitions, and lower-level vocabulary. This is great, especially given the role action verbs and professional writing play in the resume.

This feature should not be neglected. Instead of copying your text to Grammarly to avoid any mistakes, you can simply use Zety with all its in-built functions.


Template Selection


Zety offers more than 20 templates that are all ATS friendly. You can choose from others as well, but most of the U.S.-based companies use applicant tracking software, so it’s probably a good idea to stay within this selection of 20 pieces. We’ve chosen an ATS-friendly one and never regretted this choice.


Customer Support


Even though we did not have any issue with the software, we made one up to test Zety’s customer support team. We tried to be as annoying as possible to play on the agent’s nerves. Yet, it all went smoothly, and they were able to help us even with our imaginary problem.

We are sure that if we encountered anything serious, the level of customer support would be just as high. Overall, we were more than satisfied.




Zety prevents any form of plagiarism from appearing on your resume. Even if your text sounds too close to any document in the database, it suggests improvements needed to avoid plagiarism.

We decided to enter the copy-pasted text from the resume we found online, and Zety prevented this attempt. Then, we tried to paraphrase this extract, and Zety did its best to lead us far from the borrowed material.




Legitimacy is not even a case if you work with Zety. You create your own document by yourself. You use original ideas, and your text is checked for plagiarism. The templates are original and belong to the company.

All this makes this service completely legit. No scams are associated with this resume builder. 


Zety’s Price


Is Zety resume builder free? No, it’s not. Of course, as you might have read in Zetty reviews Reddit presents, the product is offered for payment. However, resume builders are often a lot cheaper than businesses involved in resume writing. At the same time, resume writers still require you to work on your files because they do not know all about your accomplishments.

Zety has a great system of discounts. If you are lucky enough, you can use the service at quite a low price.

Does Zety Work?

You might wonder, “Is Zety a good resume builder?” The answer would be: “Zety is a great service for job seekers who doubt their resumes.” You can easily create a new ATS-friendly resume following expert tips about the content.

In addition, Zety offers professional templates. You only need to enter your information, and that’s it. Moreover, the text you enter is analyzed to offer some refinements to you. At the end of the process, you get a resume that you can customize whenever you have new information to add. Your main concern is the keywords that you can easily fish out from the targeted job descriptions.

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