Making up your mind about Austin resume writing services
Seize all the opportunities the city offers. Land the job of your dreams with a professionally written resume. Let’s figure out the best one among Austin resume-writing services to make your application failure-proof.

Seize all the opportunities the city offers. Land the job of your dreams with a professionally written resume. Let’s figure out the best one among Austin resume-writing services to make your application failure-proof. 

Everything is big in Texas, including the opportunities in the job market for ambitious professionals. The proposition in this city is abundant for the job search with any expertise, but so is the competition. 

Suppose you decided to launch a career in Austin, TX. In that case, it is vital to ensure that your application will pass the applicant-tracking system, catch the attention of the hiring manager, among other resumes, and land you a job you want. 

Those who want their resume to have more chances resort to writing services in Austin that provide professional help with the application. But how to find a reliable one? We did this job for you by reviewing the most popular services for custom resumes in the Austin area. 

What do we pay attention to?

We did a trial of the most popular writing services in Austin, Texas, to find out how they work, how they communicate with clients, and what the results of their work are. Here are the main points of our scrutiny:

  • Speediness. We tried to determine the best turnaround time among Austin resume writing services, naturally, concerning the quality of deliverables.  
  • Writing quality. We researched the writers these companies hired and checked the quality of the final product by showing it to our HR specialists to check if the resume worked for them. 
  • Communication. To ensure customers are cared for, we paid attention to how the services’ support teams work and how they interact with clients with additional questions. 
  • Pricing. Naturally, we compared all the criteria to the price a job seeker must pay for professional resume writing services if they want to pass the hiring process successfully.
  • Convenience. We ensure submitting an order to service is easy even if you are a new user on their website.
  • Reviews. A single order may be an exception to the rules, so we also ensure other customers before us had the same experience by reading their reviews. 

Top Austin resume writing services

Based on our trials with the product, we ended up with a shortlist of top-4 resume services in Austin.


The number one Austin resume writing service on the list is Skillhub, a service functioning across the United States and offering the full spectrum of job application assistance, from simply editing an existing CV to completing a resume cover letter or adjusting your LinkedIn profile. 

The flow of the order placement is super quick. Even if you are unfamiliar with services like that, the interface guides you through the user experience, and the whole process takes up to 15 minutes, depending on how many details you write in the order. 

Another thing that stands out is the speediness of the process: the shortest deadline for a resume completion is 6 hours, so nod to those who want to catch a fresh opportunity right away. 

Skillhub’s Highlights

  • Super fast resume completion (the shortest deadline is 6 hours). 
  • Deadline-based pricing: the longer the deadline you set is, the cheaper the final price will be.
  • Transparent pricing: your final price is displayed while you adjust your order.
  • Additional career services: the website is informative and has a lot of materials in its blog that can help you write your resume yourself.
  • Friendly staff: we chatted with the customer service representative and the professional resume writer handling the order.


The next one on the list is a global resume-writing company that stands out for Austin job seekers' reviews. This service can showcase the experts for over 85 industries and claims to provide expert help for every field. The user flow in this service is relatively easy. Yet, it is more conscientious regarding the information you are expected to provide as a customer. 

The service’s portfolio includes cases of landing jobs in the top global companies and positions as an elite resume service with only proficient writers handling each order. The services they provide have a great range. 

You can use it for resume editing or solely for optimizing your resume. The final product is ATS-optimized, and the customer service is friendly and helpful (even if you text them at night). The service cost is a bit higher than the previous ones offer. 

FindMyProfession’s Highlights

  • Elite resume writers on the staff: you can browse the catalog to find the one you want and pick them or trust this process to a support representative. 
  • Positive reviews: customers seem happy, and the company has many returning or referral clients.
  • ATS-optimized work: the final resume has all the keywords to pass through the ATS software.  

3.Let’s Eat, Grandma

Among other resume services in Austin, this is the youngest and the most ambitious. It focuses on the impeccable quality of the delivered work and professional writing for many professionals. Like the rest of the stars on this list, this service also functions as a career assistance hub, so you can use it for other needs apart from writing a resume from scratch. 

Ordering a resume and completing the customer form in a few minutes is easy. After you are done, a sales representative contacts you to confirm the order and starts looking for your writer. 

The feature catching the eye is the transparency of the processes: the customer gets notified of every update regarding their order, and the support team is approachable for any questions. 

Let’s Eat, Grandma’s Highlights

  • Writing quality: as promised in the ad, the delivered resume is error-free and well-written.
  • Resume design: the service delivers submission-ready and simply designed resumes with an eloquent layout.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: the service allows revisions and refunds up to 60 days after completing your order. 


This service is founded by professionals that relate to the field. The business owner used to run a recruiting firm together, so they know what a good resume should look like. 

Despite a rather complicated user flow, the interface ensures you have provided all the information for their professionals to complete a resume successfully. You can choose your writer in the catalog or just specify what background they are supposed to have. 

The final HR-reviewed product is satisfactory. It passes an ATS filter and provides all the information about an applicant as it goes in the service’s reviews. 

ResumeSpice’s Highlights

  • Expertise: the staff has experience in human resources and recruiting. 
  • Fast turnaround: if the resume is ready before the deadline, you will receive it immediately. 
  • Professional communication: you can speak directly to your writer, and they will explain to you some aspects of resume writing if needed. 
  • Additional resources: the site has an insightful blog about career management and personal growth. 

5.Resume Assassin 

Despite the morbid name, Resume Assassin is one the most popular Austin resume writing services. Its owner, Mary Southern, has helped job seekers land positions at Google, Amazon, and Tesla. Ms. Southern has more than 200 LinkedIn recommendations and twelve years of experience in resume writing. 

Resume Assassin Highlights: 

  • Transparent resume samples of different categories. 
  • One week of free revisions. 
  • Numerous five-star reviews. 

6.Career Creators Consulting 

Career Creators Consulting is one of the oldest resume-writing services in Austin. They started in 2001 and keep up the work till today. Their main office is in the city, and the company provides services nationwide also. 

The company's primary focus is professional career advice, but they also provide excellent resumes. Career Creators Consulting has qualified resume writers with rich experience in the human resources field. 

Career Creators Consulting Highlights: 

  • Complete satisfaction guarantees. 
  • Payment plans. 
  • Unlimited revisions. 

7.Executive Drafts 

Executive drafts is a company located in Downtown Austin. You may order the in-person consultation or apply to the company anywhere in the country. Executive Drafts applies for a three-stage resume review before submitting the results to the client, which guarantees the high quality of the work. 

Executive Drafts create resumes for all career levels and at a reasonable price. Yet, there is little precise information about the company's writers and certifications. 

Executive Drafts Highlights: 

  • Satisfaction guarantees. 
  • Discounts for fresh graduates. 
  • Detailed resume reviewing. 
  • Affordable pricing. 

8.Loken Careers 

Loken Careers is a team of dedicated professionals founded by Alexa Loken in 2014. The company focuses on career coaching and advice but writes excellent resumes too. There are few details about the resume writing or editing process, but Loken Careers' ratings are pretty high. 

You may order a relevant consultation from the service to better understand your ideal resume and how to advance your career. 

Loken Careers Highlights: 

  • Strong proficiency in writing resumes for the social sector and entrepreneurship.
  • Qualified writers with experience in HR.  
  • Affordable pricing. 
  • Quick turnaround. 

9.Professional Resumes 

Professional Resumes is an Austin-based resume-writing company started by Jennifer Cunnigham. Ms. Cunningham has CPRW certification and over 18 years of resume writing experience. Unfortunately, there are no resume samples on the website but many positive reviews and feedback from Ms. Cunningham's clients. 

Professional Resumes offers qualitative resumes for affordable pricing. The service will fit the best for job seekers who only begin their careers in Austin. 

Professional Resumes Highlights: 

  • Resume updating service. 
  • Quick turnaround time. 
  • Reasonable pricing. 

10.EK Careers 

EK Careers is a solid Austin business that grew from E Resumes Austin. The company owner, Erica Cosa, has rich experience in tech recruiting that she uses for career coaching and resume writing. EK Careers writes excellent resumes for all industries. However, the company's primary focus is STEM disciplines. EK Careers is a perfect choice if you are looking for a solid, targeted resume for hard fields. 

EK Careers Highlights

  • Targeted and efficient resumes. 
  • Successful interview guarantees. 
  • Online courses and professional career advice in addition to resume writing service. 


Resumes are essential to any job application. They allow you to show your personality, highlight your skills and experience, and connect with the employer. An excellent resume service can help you stand out from all the other candidates, so ensuring your resume is as good as possible is essential. 

But if you don’t have much writing experience or feel like your ideas are limited, writing one on your own can be challenging. That’s where professional resume writing services come in! These companies provide their clients with the tools and resources they need to create a great resume that will get them noticed by employers.

SkillHub-friendly staff can help you land a wanted job in no time with the help of their expert writers and transparent pricing. They offer additional career services and provide fast resume completion. All of their services are ATS-optimized. FindMyProfession, Let’s Eat Grandma, ResumeSplice, and Resume Assassin have positive reviews and provide various resume designs and writing quality. 

Career Creators Consulting, Executive Drafts, and Loken Careers are services that have professional communication and a fast turnaround time. To wrap it up, Professional Resumes and EK Careers provide targeted and efficient resumes with reasonable pricing.