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Owning a great resume has always been an important part of getting more interviews. Recruiting firms have to scan through hundreds, if not thousands, of them before picking the perfect applicants. Many resume online services promise job seekers guaranteed interviews. Resumeservice24 is one such platform. This Resumeservice24 review aims to find out if the platform is a good investment in your career.

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Resumeservice24 Writing
Service Overview


We’ve decided to give this resume service a try after hearing a lot about it on the Internet. Resumeservice24 is a newcomer in the writing business segment but already has more than 50 professional writers working as its staff. We decided to check their level of expertise by the following criteria.

  • How original are the resumes?
  • Do writers make them ATS compatible?
  • Can writers be contacted for resume revision?
  • Can they tailor resumes to different professions?
  • How well do the employees understand the current recruiting process?
  • How fast can the support team answer questions?
  • What is the price of a resume, and is it justified?

We believe that all of these issues are equally important. Applicants who don’t know how to write a resume place their trust and money in the hands of professional writers. They should get the best possible results.

Resumeservice24 Pros and Cons

Great customer service

The support team is very helpful and available 24/7. Support team members were helpful, polite, and professional. We haven’t written such a good customer service resume in quite some time.

Unlimited resume reviews

The service allows making adjustments to the resume without deadlines. This gives users plenty of time to think and tweak resumes along with writers. You can also make adjustments on the fly with the writer sending you regular drafts of their work.

Deep understanding of the recruiting process

The writers at the resume online service understand modern industry standards. They cleverly use formatting and keywords to get the resume through the ATS bots and before the eyes of a recruiter.

Excellent writers

The platform team’s resume skills are top-notch. The content is 100% original and tailored to specific needs. All you need to do is choose the writer with the correct qualifications. The rest will be taken care of.

Non-frequent promotional offers

It’s nice to have a little something thrown into the mix, especially when you are a frequent customer. And even though the service is actively working to offer more to its customers, right now, it’s a bit lacking when it comes to long-term perks.

Too many options

While the variety of templates, fonts, colors, and elements is great, it can be overwhelming for inexperienced users. You can end up spending days and even weeks on a resume overview before coming up with a perfect document.

The cost of resumes

Resumeservice24 prices fall into the upper echelon of resume writing services. Applicants have to set aside some funds to afford to order a resume. However, the results are worth the price.

Not enough writers

There are currently only about 50 people working on resumes. When the service becomes more popular, they may find it difficult to process the hundreds of daily requests. We sincerely hope that they will hire more specialists.

Resumeservice24 Reviews

I’ve never heard about Resumeservice24 before

but boy do I wish that I have. The writers are great, the support team - incredible, and the resume itself - spectacular! I won’t wreck my brains writing those damn things. Let professionals handle it. Thank you so much! 9/10

Kate M
I’ve never heard about Resumeservice24 before

but boy do I wish that I have. The writers are great, the support team - incredible, and the resume itself - spectacular! I won’t wreck my brains writing those damn things. Let professionals handle it. Thank you so much! 9/10

Kate M
You guys are the reason I’ve landed a sweet remote job

I’ve never been so happy in a long time. No more traffic and noisy offices. No more waking up at 7 AM and breaking my neck to get to work. Just me, my coffee, and my laptop. And did I mention flexible work hours? ))) I couldn’t have done it without you. My deepest thanks, take care!

Michael W
It took a while, but I couldn’t be happier

I can’t even begin to list the number of calls I got thanks to my tailored resume. I’ve never got so many job proposals in my life. Guys, check them out asap. You won’t be disappointed.

Greg S

Our Resumeservice24 Writing Service Reviewis Based on the Following Aspects:


Writer Expertise


When selecting a resume online service, it’s important to be sure that writers have the right experience and skills for the job. 

We can safely say that the writer we worked with exceeded our expectations. She was very patient, professional, and attentive to details. She even suggested that we use pie-charts and graphs to better display skills and experience in the resume. It looked way cooler than a boring bullet-point list. It’s good to see writers put in extra care in making the document shine.




People are often in a rush when it comes to finding a job. Everyone wants to land their dream position as soon as possible, so they can’t dedicate much time to preparing all the documents needed. This is where meeting deadlines becomes crucial. 

A good writing service should be able to properly assess their capabilities and deliver the order on time no matter what. That’s why considering this factor is critical when determining the quality of any resume writing service out there.


Content Originality


Of course, a resume isn’t worth much if it is a straight copy. ATS bots will see through it in a second and won’t let it past the system and recruiters. 

We asked the writer to provide data on context originally from a couple of platforms of our choosing. The results couldn’t be better as the resume ranked between 95% to 100% in originality. This shows that the resume was created piece by piece with great care put into each section.


Compliance With Industry Standards


The question of plagiarism wasn’t the only thing on our minds. We also wanted the resume to adhere to the current recruiting standards. The content team didn’t disappoint us with their resume skills. It’s clear that some of them have been working in the recruiting business for many years and are no strangers to keeping with the trends. 

The resume was properly formatted and had the appropriate layout with all sections correctly labeled. The writer even inserted a number of keywords to make it easier for the applicant tracking system to scan. This kind of resume is sure to get the attention of future employers.


Customer Service Resume


We often find support teams to be slow to react and answer. Luckily, this was not the case with Resumeservice24. We’ve found out that someone is always available, whether we start a chat at 8 PM or 12 AM. We had come up with our own improvements to the document. All of them were immediately sent to the writer.

This is great news for clients who have sudden issues or questions about their resumes. The support team is always there to listen to their complaints, suggestions, or requests. We’ve never had such a great support experience in a long time.


Cost of Resumes


Of course, the resume overview won’t be complete without answering the biggest question: “Is it worth my time and money?”. Our answer is yes. Having a resume that is tailored to your specifications is not a fad for experienced employees and job seekers. Whether you’ve just finished college or it’s your twelfth time applying for work, a custom resume is what will give you greater chances of success.

As for the prices themselves, they are on par with other top resume services. Resumes and additional services (e.g., setting up a LinkedIn profile and writing a cover letter) will run clients between 100 to 150 bucks. It may seem like a pricey investment now, but it is going to pay off sooner than you expect. Depending on the current job market and offered salaries, you will get the money back in a couple of days.

Does Resumeservice24 Work?

Resumeservice24 is definitely one of the top resume writing services out there. Writers and experienced professionals work to create truly tasteful and unique resumes. The professional and tactful support specialists are the cherry on top.

There is always the option of creating your own resume, but it will never be as good as a professional one. The team will make sure that it is unique, informative, straight to the point, and ATS friendly. You will never get this level of quality if you switch to a cheaper platform or decide to get matters into your own hands.

So, we can finally give an affirmative answer to the question: “Does Resumeservice24 work?”. We highly recommend the service to both first-time applicants and experienced work seekers. It will help you land the next job of your dreams.

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